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Indian Ringneck Diet.....


My Husband Nick, runs a family Orchard, which he and along with other family members maintains a few hundred acres. We predominately grow apples but when in season a variety of stone fruit, apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums and pears.

We are extreamly lucky to have access to a vast range of fruit and vegetables five days a week from the fruit and veg market. I spare no expence when it comes to a fantastic diet for our Ringnecks.  Just before breeding season and throughout, a vast range of fruit and veg is cut and diced daily for our birds. I am very particular with corn on the cob. This is given fresh not frozen every day when there is young in the nest. Care is taken with preparation and washing fruit and vegetables. Additives such as calcium supplements and vitamins are added when needed. I also feed soaked/sprouted seed throughout the breeding season.

I have had a girl friend ask me when I was cutting up my bird food...." Whats for Dinner, that looks amazing ".......Too funny.....Thats my bird food. My husband also loves the smell of the celery.....Good food.....good birds.....

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