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Cleaning made Easy!...

A lot of thought has gone into cleaning my Averie's!

Thinking about the easiest and most time minimised process, made me think about, my home.

I could have gone out and purchased an expensive big Wet & Dry Vac to try and lug through aviaries and walkways, but I figured why not just do what I do in my home!


I purchased a ducted vacuum....bagless....Why pay for bags!

I had it ducted to all of my conventional aviaries and walkways.

It is truly amazing.....collecting not only seed shells/husks but also spider webs and of course feathers in the moulting seasons.

Don't get me wrong....I am a bit of a clean freak!

I still get down on my hands and knees with a good strong metal shovel....scrapper and hand held broom to get into the corners!


My ducted system just helps with the hours.....it also allows me more time to take and look back at the birds and see something special, that I hadn't seen in a bird before. 

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