"About Our Ringnecks"

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We have recently upgraded our website, and do hope you enjoy it.

 "About Our Ringneck Birds "

Our love and  fascination of birds, has grown from the Beautiful Basic Blue Indian Ringneck, into the magnificent mutations available today. 

Our aim is to provide and produce Quality Attractive and Healthy birds

At the moment we are mainly breeding Indian Ringnecks to achieve, high quality mutations. There are so many wonderful color opportunities available. This will keep us challenged for many years to come. 

We are based in the Western Suburbs of Victoria, Australia

We are private breeders and love our hobby birds.

My son Jackson has taken great interest in the ringnecks. I do hope he continues on with this as aviculture is lacking in the younger generation today. 

We specialise in parent raised, aviary bred birds, however sometimes there is a need to help nature along.

Please feel free to read our Hand Rearing Section.

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